Top 25 Free Photo Editing Apps to Create Quick Visuals for Your SMB – Part One

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Visual social media is one of the most popular mediums shared across the web, and this growing trend is changing how we communicate on an everyday basis. Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat were three photo apps that defined social media in the last year. Users shared an enormous amount of photos in 2013; more than 350 billion photos were uploaded to Facebook on a daily basis.

Photo sharing will only continue to grow in 2014, as businesses take advantage of this must-have phenomenon. We believe photo sharing is a grand opportunity to grow your small business. You can use photo apps to create amazing visuals, spread quickly, and garner a business following in no time!

In a special two-part series this week, we will cover 50 of the top photo editing applications you can find! Today, we collected 25 of the best image editing applications that you can download for free. Enjoy!

1. Aviary Photo Editor – Do you want to get stunning images in seconds? Use Aviary’s Photo Editor, an app that utilizes filters, stickers, and touch-ups to create the ultimate image.

2. Camera360 – Camera360 auto detects photographic scenes and incorporates dynamic effect application to your images. Create thrilling shots and manage them like you’ve never seen before!

3. Candy Camera – Candy Camera provides real time filter effects, easy editing, lighting effects for on-the-go editors. This camera app offers special effects with a single touch!

4. Cymera – High quality shots are the name of the game with the Cymera app. The app offers a huge library of filters, shooting modes, and beauty effects that bring your photo to life.

5. Flickr – Flickr is a phenomenal application that’s now on your mobile device! Import your Flickr account with images at full resolution to begin editing for that professional feel and look.

6. Flipagram – Turn your photos into meaningful videos with Flipagram! Add music and share your short story videos to your audience to make sure you make an impact long before they’ve left your site.

7. InstaFrame – InstaFrame is one of the easiest photo collage apps on the market. Connect photos, augment them with words and captions, and share on multiple social networks.

8. Instagram – Businesses small and large use Instagram to create dynamic social media campaigns and engage their audience. Try using Instagram to advertise your brand, showcase your products, and make your social marketing more effective. Check out 20 Local Business Instagram Accounts Worth Following.

9. InstaSize – InstaSize is an Instagram companion app and a seamless method to transfer photos to Instagram without cropping. Add filters and text, and you can choose from more than 40 different backgrounds!

10. Muzy – Muzy is the free, all-in-one way to share photos with your targeted audience. Add gorgeous layouts and classic effects to your photo work, build out collages, and more!

11. LINE Camera – Tired of washed up photos? LINE Camera brings back the life to your photography. LINE instantly grants  exciting and new ways to edit your individual or company images.

12. Pudding Camera – Take professional photos with your smartphone using the Pudding Camera app! Use dynamic camera effects, versatile angle shots, and real-time camera filters to astound and amaze your customers or friends.

13. PicsArt – With more than 67 million installs and one of the fastest growing social network of photo artists, PicsArt is an all-in-one collection of photo editors. Choose from an array of borders, frames, stickers, and intricate effects to make your images memorable.

14. Pic Collage – Pic Collage is another photo app that helps you create captivating collages. Follow others to discover more collages, adjust your collage to perfection, and easily share your masterpieces with your dedicated fans.

15. Photo Collage Maker – If you are into compiling collages, you will love using the Photo Collage Maker. With more than 100 ready-made layouts for you to enjoy, along with sticker, text, and cropping abilities, this is one of the most complete photo collage apps yet.

16. Photo Effects – When choosing a photo editor, it should be indistinguishable from Photoshop. Uniqueness is what Photo Effects sets out to do, allowing you to augment, shape and transform any photo with a touch of your finger!

17. Photo Editor – Photo Editor is a robust photo manipulation tool that includes gamma correction, auto contrast, blur, sharpen, and more! Photo Editor is as simple as a quick snap, click, and edit.

18. Pixlr Express – Pixlr Express is a photo editor that grants you the option of choosing from a variety of layouts, overlays, and lighting effects to take your photo to new heights! Personalize your photos like a pro and pick a style that matches your business.

19. Photo Studio – Photo Studio is used by both amateurs and professionals alike who need simple, yet efficient photo editing tools on the go. Choose from more than 150 unique filters and 50 stickers, in addition to a strong editing suite for images.

20. Photography Editor – Photography Editor is intended for photographers looking for the more humorous route. Change the face of anyone and share it across your social networks. Businesses can use this app effectively in an advertising or email campaign!

21. Photo Editor Pro – Photo Editor Pro is one of the most powerful free photo mobile tools in the market. Color, crop, focus, and sharpen your photos with one of the largest sets of features in a mobile photo editor!

22. Photo Effects Pro – Photo Effects Pro directs you to choose from 40 awesome effects that turn good photos into great works of art! The application is also fully optimized for tablet use.

23. PhotoWonder – PhotoWonder gives any photo you upload a makeover using beautification tools built into the app. Enhance photos with a myriad of killer effects including various contrasts, frames, and saturation settings.

24. Snapchat – Snapchat is the free photo app that helps you share ephemeral, authentic moments with friends and family. Even more so, it can be a strategic marketing tool for your business to highlight time-sensitive promotions and giveaways.

25. Snapseed – Snapseed offers the power of photo optimization right at your fingertips. Enhance, transform, and share your business photos quickly for your audience to enjoy.

What are your favorite free photo editing mobile apps? Do you know of any that we may have glossed over? Give us a shout in the comments below.

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