Top 20 Loyalty Reward Apps For Small Businesses

Example of Loyalty Reward AppsMuch emphasis is placed on SMBs getting their first X amount of purchasers. This is a large sign that your business can make a profit, right?

A great deal of work needs to be completed to attain the first round of customers. First, a business learns how to attract them. Then, a business converts the customers with the value of their product/services and closes the sales process through a final purchase. Finally, a business works on retaining purchasers and keeping them happy. To tell the truth: if clients are not incentivized to return to your place of business, they will easily get bored or fed up with the slightest inconvenience from your product or service.

There are quite a few ways that businesses can work to retain customers:

  1. Provide a high-value product or service.
  2. Excel at customer service.
  3. Reward long-term buyers.

Our helpful infographic encompasses these three points really nicely:

UpCity Retention for Loyalty Apps - 3 Points For the purpose of this article, we will base our attention on 20 reward applications that aim to retain engaged, long-term c
lients. Small business owners use a bevy of applications to entice customers. The ultimate goal is to create a delighted customer, an evangelist for the brand. It is important to understand that many apps are tied to how purchasers make payments and not necessarily to longevity of service received. Furthermore, most loyalty apps in our list concentrate on B2C enterprises. If you can think of any apps relating to B2B business relationships, let us know below.

SMBs can seamlessly integrate these 20 loyalty applications to gain and retain customers:

  1. Belly – As one of the most robust loyalty apps on the market, Belly offers customized rewards, email campaigns, social exposure and integration. In addition, this great app incorporates quarterly loyalty consultations if you’re new to establishing loyalty reward programs with your customers. Begin a 30-day free trial to test how Belly impacts your business.
  2. RewardMe – RewardMe is a loyalty apps that uses mobile numbers to track rewards. The detailed reward system tracks spend, purchases, and sends customized messages based on those metrics. Contact RewardMe today to try this superb deal.
  3. Spendgo – Spendgo provides rewards to customers based on how much they purchase. Customers can decide if they want to use their earned rewards at the point-of-sale. With detailed analytics, fraud prevention, and security, Spendgo is another smart option for businesses.
  4. OpenTable – This successful rewards program concentrates on dining and restaurants rather than small businesses in general. OpenTable offers rewards points to diners who sign up via an online form. Customers earn points based on scheduled reservations via the company website and mobile applications. Reservation points vary, ranging from 100 to 1,000 points in many cases.
  5. FiveStars – Another fantastic rewards app is FiveStars. Similar to Belly, FiveStars offers a free loyalty guide, as well as email and text messaging campaigns. Analyze customer profiles acquired through transactions and utilize social media to solidify familiarity with customers.
  6. Groupon – Groupon offers solutions for businesses that enable them to retain customers and improve satisfaction. Business can offer customers a whole host of rewards including local events or national entertainment opportunities. Keep an eye on this program if you’re on the fence.
  7. Front Flip – With the Front Flip rewards system, you receive marketing and design services in addition to real-time business analytics. This mobile app offers a direct line to social engagement with customers through instant offers and promotions.
  8. LevelUp – Encouraging payment with your phone, LevelUp is a QR-code based alternative to rewards cards. The LevelUp software offers the same intuitive metrics tracking as the other retention apps and fully integrates with your current rewards system.
  9. Linkables – Linkables is the reward system that instantly attaches to your credit card or Paypal account. The rewards happen the instant you make purchases and is used by 200 million US consumers per month. Redemption is anonymous at the POS with no paper coupons required. Seems to great service all small businesses should give a try!
  10. Perka – Stay connected with your customers through Perka, the app with natural visualizations of data on your customers as well as access to social media. There are also special tiers which allow you to distinguish between consumers of different loyalty levels. It is a simple, fast, and smart solution.
  11. Punchcard – Want to discover new shoppers nearby your store? Punchcard is the system that will satisfy your business needs. You can offer the right deal at the right time, message current consumers, and be engaging with others, all at the push of a button.
  12. ReZoop – Primarily for the e-commerce space, ReZoop offers small businesses a platform that allows them to communicate with their buyers for free. The rewards system is fully-customizable (especially useful if you have your own promotions in mind) and an be accessed from anywhere.
  13. Quomai – You don’t need a website for the Quomai rewards system. All that’s required is the potential to gain loyal fans. Read customer feedback from your mobile offers, store buyers’ geolocations, and keep them happy every step of the way.
  14. SpotOn – SpotOn is an exceptional tablet-based app that uses both rewards cards and mobile scanning to create connections and adequate rewards. Businesses can manage results and message new benefits from any location. If you’re looking for a diverse platform that has useful analytics, you’ve found it.
  15. Marqeta – This transparent rewards program is free to set up, and total cost is based upon performance. Business owners control the commitment and rewards to each customer.
  16. Swipely – Swipely delivers a great level of detail with customer leaderboards, retention reports, and sales summaries. Upgrade your POS, and work with a Swipely Advisor Team to get the most out of this system.
  17. Skypop – Skypop is the ideal system for loyalty rewards and fan events. Easily integratable and based in the cloud, Skypop has great benefits for retail chains and entertainment events to stay connected with their consumers.
  18. Key Ring – Key Ring drives in-store traffic and attracts customers relevant to your brand. This powerful application sends campaigns, messages your store followers, and delves into feedback and insights to optimize your retention strategies.
  19. Foursquare – Foursquare is more than a badge reward system; it promotes users based on repeated visits. Although Foursquare provides a local and social media focus, it drives a great deal of traffic to business owners who are looking to be reviewed online and get ahead of nearby competitor SMBs.
  20. Spring – Based on your specific business goals, Spring segments customers and targets them with specific rewards. This software manages the customer life cycle and creates an ongoing customer relationship.
  21. Pirq – The paperless digital punchard, Pirq helps your business optimize every hour you interact with customers. View the specific deals bringing in the highest returns and then some. If you are a metrics-savvy business person, you will love this attention-to-detail application.

This list includes some of our picks for the top loyalty reward applications, but feel free to suggest some others in the comments below. Does your business use a payment tracking or rewards program? Let us know!