The 2014 Definitive SEO Software List: 215 Apps, Platforms, and Tools

UpCity loves to research and assemble valuable lists for our eager readers. Therefore, we couldn’t think of a better a way to welcome the new year than by collecting 215 of our favorite SEO tools available on the web today.

With access to this huge list of applications, platforms, and tools in one helpful guide, your business can grow in 2014! Whether you want to increase your search engine rankings, traffic, or sales, we encourage you to test out a couple from each category and find a winner!

Click below to be taken directly to the tool of your choice:

    1. AnalyticsSEO

      Analytics SEO

      Improve your search engine rankings to attain more leads, links, and visibility with Analytics SEO! You and your marketing team can use this tool to discover and track keywords, find quality links and citations, and more.

    2. TwitterCounter

      Twitter Counter

      Twitter Counter provides competiive analysis capabilities for hashtags, follower count, growth, and more. The paid versions offer a more robust suite of features, such as historical features, hourly stat refresh, and PDF report downloads.

    3. RivalIQ

      Rival IQ

      Rival IQ is a competitive analysis for marketers who want data results fast! Compare key metrics, track competitor keywords, and track multiple markets.

    4. SEMRush


      Built as a professional software for search engine marketers, SEMRush helps optimize your site with competitor research. Try out the backlink reports, and look up organic and ad keywords for any domain to stay ahead of the game.

    5. SocialCrawlytics

      Social Crawlytics

      Easily identify your competitors’ most shared social media content with Social Crawlytics! Top features include scheduled monitoring, viewing the most shared authors, and a robust API.

    6. TrafficTravis

      Traffic Travis

      Traffic Travis is a market research and monitoring tool for all your SEO needs. Check out your competitors and other important SEO factors in this free tool!

    7. SERPmetrics


      SERPmetrics tracks search results for your account across the various top engines. The reporting is also offered as a discounted product if you are interested in purchasing the API.

    8. AxandraSEOTools

      Axandra SEO Tools

      Get your webpages optimized with a variety of SEO tools from Axandra. Choose between an app that checks for broken links, a keyword density checker, and so much more at your disposal.

    9. Positionly


      Positionly is the best way to get organic traffic to your website. With just a few clicks, you find professional-level SEO tools that track search rankings of your competitors and monitor media for mentions.

    10. BuiltWith


      Have you ever wondered what was going on behind the scenes of someone else’s website technology? Now you can learn all about it in the BuiltWith platform! Learn about competitive SEO BuiltWith’s various tool’s such as market analysis, lead generation, header usage, hosting, and much more.

    11. Alexa


      See the competitive analytics for any website with the power of Alexa! The respected service has been around for quite some time, giving users insights into their visitors and the keywords of competitors.

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    13. SimilarWeb


      Use SimilarWeb to compare site traffic sources across different search engines and countries. Find new business opportunities and discover which keywords are converting on your competitor sites.

    1. STATSearchAnalytics

      STAT Search Analytics

      STAT provides rank statistics and SERP analytics for the experienced SEO. Track unlimited keywords data from any location across the globe for the best analytics you can find.

    2. Clicky


      Ready to see your competitor web analytics in real time? The Clicy app gives you that and more, allowing you to monitor individual vistors and actions with startling accuracy in the web app.

    3. Free Keyword Rank Checker


      Keep tabs on your keyword ranks for Google, Bing, and Yahoo in more than 100 languages and country configurations. You can also track rankings over time and look at rankings from specific cities.

    4. SEscout


      SEscout offers a detailed view of your domain and search engine keywords with hourly updates, rank tracking, and in-depth reporting for agencies. Sign up now for your SEOscout subscription!

    5. Serpfox


      Use the powerful and automated Serpfox for tracking your targeted keywords. Discover results instantaneously, and oversee changes to your keyword rankings through a period of time.

    6. KeywordDensityTool

      Keyword Density Tool

      Zippy incorporates all the keyword data you need to know about a web domain. Enter in the site you’re researching, type in the keywords you want to configure, and see the full keyword report to optimize.

    7. SpyFu


      SpyFu offers several features for a trustworthy search marketing keyword research tool. Check out the competitive keyword assessment, keyword tracking, and rank analysis to learn more.

    8. RageSoftwaresSERank

      Rage Software’s SERank

      This app is full of insight for your competitors and your own website! SERank encourages you to monitor keyword rankings from more than 100 search engines over time; try it out today!

    9. WebPositionReporter

      WebPosition Reporter

      Track your keywords from anywhere or anytime with WebPosition Reporter. In addition, easily view insights from keyword positions across all the major search engines.

    10. Piwik


      Piwik is a free, open-source web analytics software tool. It transmits insights on visitors, marketing campaigns, and more in order to optimize your online strategy!

    11. AuthorityLabs

      Authority Labs

      If you want to earn better rankings, start think about partnering with Authority Labs. Personalize your SERP tracking with competition, keywords, locations, and number of sites. Pricing is based upon your needs as an agency or SMB.

    12. BrightEdge

      Bright Edge

      BrightEdge should be your first choice for enterprise SEO solutions. Customize your SEO reporting, dashboard, and forecasting while collaboratng with your entire team on the perfect local, mobile, or social optimization strategy.

    13. - Get More Traffic Now


      UpCity is the perfect do-it-yourself (or alternatively, do-it-for-me) solution to improving your business’s SEO. Track your keywords on Google, Bing, and Yahoo on a chosen period of time, and monitor your overall SEO progress by using this robust tool.

    14. PanguinTool20

      Panguin Tool 2.0

      The latest Google update affected every business in some way. Do you care to see how? Panguin Tool gives you a before-and-after snapshots of organic and search traffic to your site.

    15. YouTubeAnalytics

      YouTube Analytics

      Monitor views, traffic sources, and demographic information to your videos with YouTube Analytics. Download reports for your traffic and look at which devices are sending the most views to your videos.

    16. MicrositeMasters

      Microsite Masters

      Welcome to reliable search tracking for SEO professionals! Use Microsite Masters to track keyword performance and test campaign ranking results over time.

    17. SEORankMonitor

      SEO Rank Monitor

      SEO Rank Monitor tracks your competitor data and website rankings. Who doesn’t want a tool that is low cost, no sweat to set up, and offers smart reporting?

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    1. TermExplorer

      Term Explorer

      Term Explorer is the keyword research tool you always dreamed of. The free option offers five keyword checks a day, but once you upgrade you can analyze up to 1,000 keywords!

    2. TrelliansKeywordDiscovery

      Trellian’s Keyword Discovery

      Utilize Trellian’s Keyword Discovery tool measures keyword statistics across the major search engines. Keep an eye on competitors, and find popular search phrases that will fit your business’s needs.

    3. MarketSamurai

      Market Samurai

      For marketers looking at robust keyword research tools, Market Samurai will certainly be one of your top choices. Target high-traffic, low-competiton keywords so that your competition won’t know what hit them!

    4. LongTailPro

      Long Tail Pro

      Long Tail Pro helps you find keywords faster than ever before! Pinpoint targeted traffic, research competitors, and simplify your workflow with ease.

    5. nTopic


      nTopic provides your keyword content relevancy needs. If you need to know how a specific set of content works with a particular keyword, this is the tool for you! The software also offers an API for your site.

    6. LiveKeywordAnalysis

      Live Keyword Analysis

      The Live Keyword Analysis tool creates a quick density test for the top keywords on your website. Copy and paste the text straight from your site, and find how your keyword density will help your site content.

    7. GoogleAdwords

      Google Adwords

      Google Adwords allows you to research keywords and then advertise your business directly in the Google Search Engine. Optimize your daily budget to get in front of potential customers knowing what they search for online.

    8. GoogleKeywordPlanner

      Google Keyword Planner

      Google Keyword Planner is like Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator combined for the ultimate keyword search experience for creating profitable campaigns! Get historical data for exact match keywords, multi-platform search estimates, and keyword lists.

    9. GoogleCorrelate

      Google Correlate

      Google Correlate matches searches with real-life trends. Users can easily use this data to determine high volume keyword data for their website. Check out this helpful free tool today!

    10. GoogleTrends

      Google Trends

      The updated Google Trends tool determines search engine trends throughout all of Google. In addition, it can benefit businesses by determining searchable keywords to select for their websites.

    11. BingKeywordResearch

      Bing Keyword Research

      Looking for a free analysis tool that is guaranteed to find keywords for your site? Bing Keyword Research will provide keyword data, research, and suggestions for your markets and topics.

    12. HitTail


      The popular tool HitTail gives you a list of quality search terms based on your website traffic and volume of visitors in real-time. Prices range from $10 to $80; check out the free trial today!

    13. KeywordSpy


      Keyword Spy offers a variety of keyword research and PPC tools. One particuarly helpful keyword tool is by entering in a domain, Keyword Spy can help you identify a large list of organic and targeted keyword phrases for your website.

    14. ubersuggest


      Keyword suggestion tool Ubersuggest is a fast and easy software to identify content ideas for your blog or website. Enter a term in the box, and Ubersuggest generates a long list of keyword results in return!

    15. WordTracker


      With an edge of being one of the most popular keyword tools today, just enter your keyword and behold an organized user interface with matching keyword phrases. Results are sorted by competition and volume.

    16. SearchLatte

      Search Latte

      Search Latte works gives you the option to look up Google SERPs based on particular search queries and parameters much more efficiently. These tools customize your type of search, from international to non-personalized results.

    17. YouTubeKeywordTool

      YouTube Keyword Tool

      YouTube Keyword Tool generates keyword ideas for your videos based on your own suggested phrases. This platform is similar to Google Keyword Tool, which differentiates by country and monthly search volume.

    18. ColibriIO

      Colibri IO

      Colibri IO is a growth hacking tool to help you get more customers from blogs, social media, and search engines. The tool offers an advanced monitoring platform for conversions, SEO, and traffic.

    19. Wordpotcom is a seamless keyword research tool with detailed suggestions. Keyword terms can be sorted by daily and total traffic data across all search engines.

    20. Kgen


      KGen is a Firefox add-on that generates keywords based on strong queries on visited pages from within search engines. Download a CSV file to keep track of the keyphrases you find with the add-on.

    21. Soovle


      Soovle allows you to compare top search terms in different major search engines. You can also save your search results for easier comparisons with this smart keyword tracking tool.

    22. Wordstream


      WordStream’s keyword tools cover all aspects of the keyword process. No matter what you are looking for as a beginner or advanced SEO learner, they have you covered and will walk through negative keywords, analysis, research, suggestions, and more.

    23. KeywordEye

      Keyword Eye

      Keyword Eye is a visual search optimizer and competitor research tool to assist with PPC and SEO campaigns. View search volume by the keyword size in your analysis report, tailor results by country, and export keyword lists.

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    1. DropMyLink


      Research different search queries in Google to find backlinks you can use on your website using DropMyLink. Choose from a variety of site options. The process is quite easy, quick, and simple to use!

    2. DomainHunterPlus

      Domain Hunter Plus

      Domain Hunter Plus is a Google Chrome extension that hunts for quality domains and identifies broken links for link building. It is integrated with Open Site Explorer to populate results from within the application.

    3. LinkProspector

      Link Prospector

      Link Prospector is a link building tool that will identify quality links to target for your business. Choose report type, key phrases, and assess your link target score (also integrates with Raven Tools)

    4. AdvancedLinkManager

      Advanced Link Manager

      Advanced Link Manager allows you to create projects and reports, compare competitors, as well as track your link popularity and value on search engines.

    5. AdvancedWebRanking

      Advanced Web Ranking

      Advanced Web Ranking is the world’s most accurate SEO software! Track everything using web-based reporting, local rankings, and compeitive analysis monitoring.

    6. RankTracker

      Rank Tracker

      Rank Tracker is desktop software that quickly monitors rank for both your and your competitors’ keywords. The features include keyword optimization, international segmentation, and historical rank data.

    7. Buzzstream


      Buzzstream is an all-in-one web-based application that marketers use to promote their content and products. Keep tabs on leads and prospectss, automatically scrape emails, and connect via social media.

    8. Ontolo


      Ontolo is link prospecting software that uses your chosen key phrases to research links and create similar content. Manage top keywords, analyze competitor backlink metrics, and monitor the top 25 ranking sites on a weekly basis.

    9. LinkNabber

      Link Nabber

      With the LinkNabber tool, you can easily track backlinks and gain new ones. It was designed to find quality dofollow blogs and forums, taking all the difficult work away from you!

    10. Triberr


      Triberr is a free tool that helps you discover content from people in a similar niche than your business. Join today to start connecting with like-minded webmasters, and build links to content you find relevant.

    11. Blekko


      Blekko is a search engine that delivers highly currated results and categorized content. The categories are excellent for creating content ideas, as well as finding content that you can link to on your site.

    12. SharedCount

      Shared Count

      Get a simple count of social shares and mentions with Shared Count to help build link ideas for your company. Enter the exact URL you want to track to get started.

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    1. Linktrackr


      This application helps you track your affilate links and ad campaigns. LinkTrackr comes with unique reporting systems to optimize for the most profitable links in your campaign strategy.

    2. Outreachr


      Outreach makes it easy to collect high quality backlink leads for free. Simple tooks like Outreach provide an easy link building strategy for small and large teams.

    3. LinkDetective

      Link Detective

      Detect how your competitors are working with this incredible linking tool. Link Detective measures high quality metrics from the search engines in only a few minutes time.

    4. FreshLinkFinder

      Fresh Link Finder

      Although the Internet is all seeing, webmasters certainly aren’t! This tool keeps track of all traffic coming in from sources you don’t know about, which will help you discover new links.

    5. Netcomber


      NetComber gives you the ability to see who owns a domain, as well as common relationships and infrastructure. This is useful in link building, helping you learn which domains are viable for building connections.

    6. Inspyder


      Backlinks are most easily managed and monitored by Inspyder. Check the status, anchor text, and pagerank for any URL you enter into the tool.

    7. SEnukeXCr


      The name of the game with this app is automation. SENuke allows you setup complex SEO campaigns and link building strategies in seconds using scripts.

    8. Removeem


      Use this tool to take a look at your anchor text diversity and diagnose if you’re over optimized for search anchort text. Remove links you over optimize that could potentially harm your SEO.

    9. SimilarSites


      SimilarSites connects you to websites that are relevant to your own. Use the suggestions to reach out and potentially collaborate with the website owners as a link research tool.

    10. MonitorBacklinks

      Monitor Backlinks

      Your SEO backlinks matter the most in the Monitor Backlinks app! See your highest rating backlinks linking to your content and potentialy following up to progress the relationship.

    11. CognitiveSEO

      Cognitive SEO

      CognitiveSEO presents cutting-edge SEO tools that provide actionable, accurate, and up-to-date data on your competitors. Some of the top features include daily rank tracking, link monitoring, and SEO project management.

    12. Scraper


      Scraper is a Google Chrome extension to import web data and analytics into spreadsheets. With a simple point, right-click, and ‘Scrape’ option, it is easier than ever to gather the data you need to form insightful conclusions from webpages.

    13. SEOgadgetExtensionforExcel

      SEOgadget Extension for Excel

      SEOgagdet for Excel uses the top SEO software APIs from within the world’s most popular spreadsheet program. Acquire valuable keyword and link search volume data, speed up your analysis time investment, and discover new insight into your SEO marketing strategy.

    14. SiteExplorer

      Site Explorer

      Site Explorer provides backlinks for any site you submit into the URL link checker. Use it conduct detailed link building research and create content based on top links.

    15. LinkRisk


      LinkRisk is a link analysis tool that identifies healthy, risky, and suspicious links to any given URL. Once you run a report, you receive a LinkRisk score. With a higher score, you are more likely to be negatively affected by a future search algorithm update.

    16. WebMeUp


      Webmeup is the biggest index of fresh links for growing sites. Evaluate your own link profile and download the links of competitor sites to earn an advantage in SEO strategy.

    17. LinkFool


      LinkFool is another research tool for links that enables you to build quality links for your website. The tool also tracks top ranking keywords to focus your search strategy.

    18. seoClarity


      This app tracks and monitors all of your best backlinks. Daily reports alert you to significant changes in backlink profile and also targets geography important to your business.

    19. Ahrefscom collects and indexes an assortment of link data for any domain that you input. The crawler in indexed every 15 minutes and finds nearly six billion pages everyday!

    20. Clickmeter


      Monitor, compare, and optimize all of your campiagns with Clickmeter, an all-in-one software for link tracking. Use it to track conversions and compile web data for research.

    21. GoogleAnalyticator

      Google Analyticator

      Get Google Analytics in your dashboard with Google Analyticator! Track links, view your metrics from the last 30 days, and keep tabs on your website speed.

    22. LinkResearchTools

      Link Research Tools

      Looking for the an SEO tool you will need over others? Link Research Tools lets you view competitors backlinks, perform SERP link prospecting, and more! This is the definitive all-in-one link research application.

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    1. YoastLocalSEOplugin

      Yoast Local SEO plug-in

      WordPress plugins definitely come in handy for local optimization, namely the Yoast Local SEO plugin. The plugin directs the exact information needed to display your site in Google local search results. Insert any data straight into the plugin, from multiple locations to operation hours .

    2. GeoRanker


      Local business owners that don’t want to wait can put their lot in GEORanker. The tool provides live data support for geographic rankings, reporting, and citations.

    3. 5minutesitecom

      Utilize the interface to swiftly create a local online presence for your business. The tool will create local keyword lists, in addition to organize directory listings for your local business.

    4. LocalKeywordTool

      Local Keyword Tool

      Local Keyword Tool brings keyword search ideas that will optimize your site rank locally on Google. Simply add your keyword and zip code, and then you are granted a list of personalized keyword phrase options!

    5. NeustarLocaleze

      Neustar Localeze

      Neustar Localeze distributes your business on a large network of quality local directories. Since 2005, the site has managed more than 13 million particular business listings!

    6. Whitespark


      WhiteSpark is well-known for local citations. Check out the Local Citation Finder to determine where to list your website and increase your local rankings. The Local Rank Tracker reports geographic rankings by city.

    7. Yext


      Yext is a popular local management system for businesses. As one of the top local apps in the world, Yext should be at the top of your priority list this year!

    8. BrightLocal


      You want local SEO tools? You’ve got it with BrightLocal. Audit and monitor your position wthin local search results, in addition to optimizing your Google Plus Local and tracking local citations.

    9. PlacesScout


      Take your local SEO to even greater heights with PlacesScout. Generate keywords, find leads, and track your rank to pinpoint where you’re competitive.

    10. LocalSearchResourceTool

      Local Search Resource Tool

      Local Search Resource Tool from 51 Blocks SEO asks you to fill in some fast business data, and then it swiftly generates helpful local search citations and resources for your local domain.

    11. GooglePlacesforBusinessCategoryTool

      Google Places for Business Category Tool

      Blumenthals Google Places for Business Category Tool is a simple tool that helps you select categories for your Google Places for Business listing or local keywords for your website.

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    1. bMobilized


      bMobilized offers do-it-yourself solutions for your mobile app. Find plugins, look at your analytics, set up your e-commerce, and improve your user interface, all in this easy-to-navigate tool.

    2. DudaMobile

      Duda Mobile

      Create a mobile version of your site with Duda Mobile. In addition to having a more optimized website, you can use the SEO settings to track your analytics and traffic.

    3. mAnalytics


      Check your SEO and analytics progress with the mAnalytics app from the Google Play Store. View daily statistics from traffic sources and content to see how your website is performing in the search engines.

    4. SEOSiteRankLite

      SEO – SiteRank Lite

      Getting a snapshot of your search rankings on the go is lot simpler with SiteRank Lite. You can also take a look at your site’s Google PageRank and Alexa Rank.

    5. Woopra


      Receive international traffic metrics with the touch of your iPhone or iPad with Woopra. Get deep analytics on where your visitors are coming from all in real time.

    6. iAnalytics


      Do you want to use Google Analytics on your iPhone? Now you can with iAnalytics, putting the power of Google’s analytic software in one easy-to-use, efficient app.

    7. AnalyticsTilesApp

      Analytics Tiles App

      View Google Analytics in style with the Analytics Tiles App! Collect and view your website statistics, and see it all in a beautifully rendered mobile report.

    8. Flurry


      Flurry can be used to increase your traffic and measure how users interact with your applications. It’s free and powerful benefits are endless, so we suggest you take a peek today and see what it’s all about!

    9. WebRankSEO

      WebRank SEO

      Monitor your SEO analytics with WebRank SEO. View Google PageRank, indexed pages, social shares, and more with this powerfully small application.



      SEO SERP APP is another nifty app that can check your keyword position tracking on the go! Also view rankings and social shares across all of the major search engines.

    11. LinkJuice


      The Link Juice mobile app compiles your backlinks and SEO data by the distinguished sources of Majestic SEO, SEOMoz, SEM Rush, and Yahoo! Site Explorer. Download it to your iPhone and see what the fuss is all about!

    12. SEOwatcher

      SEO watcher

      Check the position of your website within the search engines with this web application. Whether you’re on a mobile device, or using a desktop, SEO Watcher gives you the stat updates you want on both your site and your competitor’s.

    13. SEOLinkAnalyzer

      SEO & Link Analyzer

      Derived from the Searchmetrics API, SEO & Link Analyzer allows you to see the rankings of a website’s URL in SERPs and identify the links to the domain. Sift through the world’s largest database for SEO, including millions of keywords and social links from across the world.

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    1. BasicSEOPack

      Basic SEO Pack

      Make your site SEO-friendly in an instant with the WordPress Basic SEO Pack. It’s a quick way to add meta data to your individual posts and pages.

    2. ScreamingFrog

      Screaming Frog

      Screaming Frog is a spider test tool that allows you to audit on-site SEO performance. This small desktop program certainly delivers top benchmarks for your site to reach!

    3. IISSearchEngineOptimizationToolkit

      IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit

      This Windows-only web extension tool helps web developers and webmasters increase their search rankings by improving site content. The modules included analyze and provide recommendations for sitemap, site, and root index file optimization.

    4. Mint


      Mint is a wonderful tool to break down site activity, pages, searches, and more for your website. Click to get started today!

    5. InternetMarketingNinjasSEOTools

      Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools

      The Internet Marketing Ninjas collected the best tools in the business to help with your website optimization. This toolbox analyzes your website and gives a clear picture of what components can be fixed.

    6. MicrodataGenerator

      Microdata Generator

      This microdata tool can be used to integrate data into your website. If you need help with this feature, be sure to contact your website developer or designer for more information.

    7. LinkNabber

      Link Nabber

      You can never research too many links with Link Nabber on your side. Type in a keyword and have the tool search for relevant sites for you to link to.

    8. SEOBrowser

      SEO Browser

      See your website the way search engines do with the help of SEO Browser. Get a deeper perspective of your site and understand its configuration.

    9. XenusLinkSleuth

      Xenu’s Link Sleuth

      Are you curious of whether your site is functioning at its best? Link Sleuth creates a report that lists the health of your sites links, allowing you to pick out the ones that are broken.

    10. GoogleWebmaster

      Google Webmaster

      Google Webmaster is a free, robust service to help optimize your website for SEO. If you are looking to get found in in Google index your site, get keyword information, or find better visibility, Google Webmaster is for you. Any SEO expert will tell you that Google Webmaster is an essential strategy to getting better search results.

    11. BingWebmasterTools

      Bing Webmaster Tools

      Drive more traffic to your site by using Bing’s Webmaster Tools. This app’s features range from site indexation to site traffic analysis.

    12. BingSEOAnalyzer

      Bing SEO Analyzer

      Make sure your pages are following the rules of SEO with Bing SEO Analyzer. Create reports on-demand that highlight site flaws with recommendations to fix them.

    13. SEOquake


      SEOquake is a browser extension that allows you to grab SEO information about sites you visit. While you browser the Internet, find parameters like page source, page rank, nofollow links, Bing index, and more.

    14. MajesticSEOBacklinkCheckerSiteExplorer

      Majestic SEO

      Majestic SEO is the world’s largest link index database! If you want to explore the ins and outs of your URL, this backlink checker will give you detailed information on your domain.

    15. XMLSitemapscom

      Generate your own sitemap online with! Choose from XML, HTML, and Text format to make it easier for search bots to crawl your site.

    16. PingdomWebsiteSpeedTest

      Pingdom Website Speed Test

      Take your website and check the speed with Pingdom tools! Test your site every minute to track the response times in search engines.

    17. Copyscape


      Duplicate content is a growing problem, so check for duplicate site content with Copyscape. This exciting tool detects and prevents plagiarism of your site by crawling the Internet and searching for existing copied material.

    18. CheckMyLinks

      Check My Links

      Are you looking for a Chrome extension that is right up your alley? Download the Check My Links add-on to see which links are broken on your site so you can fix them right away.

    19. WebDeveloper

      Web Developer

      See the web configuration of any site with the Web Developer application. This neat extension shows you the makeup of a site, allowing you to selectively view meta data and other key parts of your domain.

    20. WebPageAnalyzer

      Web Page Analyzer

      Website Optimization, LLC’s Web Page Analyzer measures various on-site and usability features. Receive an in-depth diagnosis of your download times, HTML files, images, page size, and much more.

    21. CloudFlare


      By quickly signing up and scanning your website, CloudFlare tests your website security and speed. Whether you are looking for website content or performance, nothing will go undetected by this highly regarded technology company.

    22. feedthebotcom

      Feedthebot’s Image SEO tool examines a URL and determines whether its images are following correct SEO protocol. Do not be fooled by the whiteness of the page when you start because the tool is very helpful in defining how to fix your image alt tags!

    23. XMLSitemapInspector

      XML Sitemap Inspector

      XML Sitemap Inspector ensures that your sitemap works correctly. Check out and validate your XML sitemap now!

    24. SeoSiteCheckup


      With its various tools, issues a comprehensive analysis of your website. Recommendations and usability checks are offered so that your website will earn higher search rankings.

    25. MarkupValidationService

      Markup Validation Service

      It is important to make sure all browsers understand your text. Markup Validation Service considers the markup lanuages on your web documents. It checks for HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, and other valid text markups.

    26. SEOFriendlyImagesWordPressPlugin

      SEO Friendly Images – WordPress Plugin

      To better optimize your images for SEO, make sure you insert alt and title attributes in the HTML code. The SEO Friendly Images plugin does that for you in a flash.

    27. SEOUltimateWordPressPlugin

      SEO Ultimate – WordPress Plugin

      The true all-in-one SEO plugin is here! SEO Ultimate lets you take control of title tags, meta data, rich snippets, and more.

    28. GTmetrix


      Getting your site up to speed doesn’t have to be hard! GTmetrix helps you develop a more efficient site, allowing you to test your site’s speed to the benefit of your users.

    29. Firebug


      The Firebug web development tool analyzes your website for on-site issues. It checks specific webpage items necessary for SEO success, and users can edit the HTML directly through the app.

    30. SearchStatus


      See how every website in the world is performing with this extension for Firefox! SearchStatus displays Google PageRank, Alexa Ranking, and other stats on the browser status bar.

    31. WebConfsSimilarPageChecker

      WebConfs Similar Page Checker

      Check for duplicates across the web with WebConfts Similar Page Checker. This tool will allow you to determine the percentage of similarity between two webpages.

    32. TextCleanr


      Copying and pasting large amounts of text between applications can get messy. TextCleanr is the easiest way to fix and remove line breaks, numbers, and word characters from your keyword lists.

    33. Wistia


      Video SEO is rarely talked about in the SEO industry, and Wistia helps to address this. Embed code back to your webpage and manage video XML for improved search optimization.

    34. StatCounter


      Count visitor analytics for your site with StatCounter! All it takes is a few lines of code to get started and track multiple websites.

    35. RobottxtChecker

      Robot.txt Checker

      Unsure whether your robots.txt needs validating? The Robots.txt Checker reads the structure of your robots.txt to see if it’s ready for crawling.

    36. Browseo


      View your website how search engines see it with Browseo. With this unique tool, one can quickly determine what items on a page need work and what items are passable in the eyes of Google.

    37. AnnieCushingsAuditChecklist

      Annie Cushing’s Audit Checklist

      Annie Cushing is famous in the SEO world. She created a checklist that includes hundreds of SEO key points for your website, no matter what type it is. We insist you check out this Google document right away; make a copy for yourself and use it often!

    38. GAChecker

      GA Checker

      Check your site for missing Google Analytics code with the GA Checker. Spider your site like a search engine and identify which of your pages have Google Analytics tags.

    39. GoogleSitemapPlugin

      Google Sitemap Plugin

      Verify a sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools with the Google Sitemap Plugin. This no-nonsense app lets you create an informational sitemap that you can insert right into Google.

    40. WordLift


      If you want to make your site content more visible to search engines, use WordLift. WordLift adds schema markup to your content for maximum search crawlability.

    41. PageSpeedInsights

      PageSpeed Insights

      PageSpeed Insights is another robust app that tracks the speed of your webpage. Track web performance, and get insight into steps you can take to increase your speed on mobile and desktop devices.

    42. RedirectChecker

      Redirect Checker

      Check for duplicate links on your site with Redirect Checker. Don’t compete with your own site for search ranking; instead make sure that your URLs are consistent.

    43. mobiReady


      Is your website ready for rendering on mobile devices? MobiReady tests the markup of your website against industry standards, and provides error reports.

    44. SEODoctorBrowserAddon

      SEO Doctor – Browser Addon

      SEO Doctor is a Firefox add-on that points out potential SEO issues on your site. See link structure and track page flow on your site as well.

    45. RobHammondsSEOCrawler

      Rob Hammond’s SEO Crawler

      Unearth any technical issues on your site with Rob Hammond’s SEO Crawler. Get real time feedback of your crawl, search up to 250 URLs, and export CSV reports.

    46. SEOCrawler

      SEO Crawler

      Check meta data, broken links, error codes, and more with SEO Crawler. Crawl subdomains, create crawling projects, and research competitors for free.

    47. Headspace2


      Headspace is an all-in-one meta data manager for WordPress that lets you configure data for pages, posts, and author pages. Integrate a wide range of third-party applications, like Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, and others.

    48. SeorchOn-PageSEOTool

      Seorch On-Page SEO Tool

      Test your website for on-page search engine factors and mistakes using Seorch. The basic interface will have you improving your site in no time!

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    1. W3Optimiser


      Aftering entering in your domain, follow your W3Optimizer SEO Report for a grade, percentage, and detailed SEO analysis. The data provides keyword performance, on-site details, and other important search engine components for your website.

    2. SEOTools


      Use SEO tools right from the comfort of Microsoft Excel! Create your own SEO report card in addition to monitoring backlinks for quality control.

    3. MySiteAuditor

      My Site Auditor

      Designed for agencies to embed on their websites, My Site Auditor provides a quick way to analyze your domain while gaining leads and sales. The Auditor is easily customized and displays a nice set-up for reporting.

    4. UpCitySEOReportCard

      UpCity SEO Report Card

      Check out UpCity’s SEO Report Card, and you will find a comprehensive scorecard, including a competitor analysis, link building, on-site scores, search engine ranking, and trust metrics. Once you hit this Report Card, you will be excited to learn more about how to improve your business’s SEO plan!

    5. UpCityLocalSEOReportCard

      UpCity Local SEO Report Card

      If you want to review your site’s local visibility, directory listings, and rank analysis, UpCity’s Local SEO Report Card is the tool for you. This free overview provides important details about your business listings and is a great combination with UpCity’s SEO Report Card.

    6. HubspotMarketingGrader

      Hubspot Marketing Grader

      After inserting only your domain and email address, HubSpot gives a detailed Marketing Grader report that looks at your lead generation, mobile, social media, SEO presence, and more. You can find an up-to-date version of the grader at any time by hitting the Update Now button!

    7. WooRank


      WooRank provides robust data and great graphics in its quick analysis tool. The page boasts organized, user-friendly sections, including technologies, usability, and visitors, making it easy for SEO learners of all levels to learn about their website visibility.

    8. PearAnalytics

      Pear Analytics

      The Pear Analytics Website Analysis Tool quickly examines your site and recommends strategies to fix immediately and over time. In addition, find a detailed checklist of SEO tactics already completed for the site.

    9. TheReachingEngine

      The Reaction Engine

      The Reaction Engine looks at your URL and selected key phrases and offers a quick SEO grade of your website. It summarizes your site performance against insightful SEO elements like content, networks, documents, and search engine ranking. Click to begin your analysis now!

    10. Nibbler


      Silktide’s Nibbler tool offers an analysis experience that includes accessibility, experience, marketing, and technology. Two key highlights are the printability and mobile optimization tests, indicating which pages are printer-friendly and what content is ready for mobile phones.

    11. SEORobotics

      SEO Robotics

      This simple yet informative SEO report focuses on the essential SEO factors needed to rank successfully in Google. With the SEO Robotics scorecard, you will find personalized results in backlinks, directories, load time, and on-site.

    12. CrawlerFX


      Achieve on-site optimization for your domain after using WebpageFX’s CrawlerFX report. Simply enter your URL, keyword, and email, and the PDF report will have you on your way to SEO success.

    13. SEOScheduler

      SEO Scheduler

      This SEO Feedback Tool scores your website and suggests feedback after quickling running an in-depth scan. Users need to click a confirmation link in their email to receive the report.

    14. WebPageTest


      You will find a web page performance open source test after running through a couple quick questions about your site here. Find a performance review with content breakdown, page speed, and screeshots. You won’t believe how much data is generated after 30 seconds!

    15. Juxseo


      Juxseo provides on-page reporting for your website if you enter your website and keyword into the simple interface. After the analysis is generated, you can share your graded report with others as well!

    16. SEOptimer


      SePptimer looks over more than 20 on-site optimization items on your domain. This useful resource notifies you of five quick tasks you should work on next, such as make a better meta description or put in a proper sitemap.xml file.

    17. AcquiaSEOGraderTool

      Acquia SEO Grader Tool

      Utilize the Acquia SEO Grader Tool to improve search rankings and boost organic search traffic. Best of all, the Grader is created specifically for Drupal users.

    18.'sSEOAudit’s SEO Audit

      Try out’s detailed and innovative SEO audit service. Second, try out all of the various SEO tools offered for free on the website.

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    1. SEOBook

      SEO Book

      SEO Book is composed of a large suite of tools ranging from rank checkers, browser extensions, and keyword density analyzers. This is a great first stop if you are a beginner SEO!

    2. WebSEOAnalytics

      Web SEO Analytics

      Get the most complex suite of SEO tools right to your compter with Web SEO! Use domain, links, and analysis tools to determine your site’s health and make it better optimized for search.

    3. RowFeeder


      RowFeeder is a social SEO analyzer that tracks keywords, usernames, and hashtags. Once you complete your research, imoport the data right into Excel for reporting.

    4. GinzaMetrics


      Drive more free traffic and increase revenues from SEO with GinzaMetrics. Use this app to implement daily crawls, research traffic segmentation, and optimize your goals to achieve results faster.

    5. SyCara


      Sycara provides real time ranking reports for your website. Create your own custom reports and gather advanced keyword data to collect insights.

    6. SEOCombine


      Download this Windows program to scan your website’s position across the web, track keyword density, and analyze your competitor parameters. SEOCombine also gives an analysis of the first 10 results for selected keywords and search engines.

    7. Conductor


      Explore how to get higher traffic results with Conductor. Use the data from billions of keywords and URLs in order to optimize for organic visibility.

    8. WPSocialSEOBooster

      WP Social SEO Booster

      Boost your domain searchability with WP Social SEO Booster. Twitter Cards, Facebook Open Graph, and Google Rich Snippets markup are added to increase search visibility.

    9. WhooshTraffic

      Whoosh Traffic

      Increase traffic with less effort when Whoosh Traffic is at your back! Find keywords with hidden potential, track your progress, and pinpoint your competitors using this fresh app.

    10. SECockpit


      SECockpit is the world’s fastest keyword research tool. List profitable keywords, keep your SEO campaigns in check, and get proper training in keyword research.

    11. SEERsSEOToolbox

      SEER’s SEO Toolbox

      SEER’s SEO Toolbox is made for marketers and not programmers. Create optimized spreadsheets, get results faster, and pull your data from a multitude of sources, such as Twitter, Google Analytics, and Moz.

    12. Searchmetricscom

      Searchmetrics offers a comprehensive solution to all your SEO analysis needs. Check your rankings, backlinks, keyword research, traffic, mobile SEO, conversions, social engagement, internal site search, tech advice and more at this one stop data shop!

    13. DeepCrawl


      DeepCrawl runs an in-depth ship of SEO resources, entirely based in the cloud. Check out competitors, analyze your landing pages, and much more with DeepCrawl’s robust packages.

    14. RankAbove


      RankAbove allows your business to optimize for any language in any search engine. Conduct keyword analysis, on-page optimization, and backlink analysis.

    15. GoingUp


      GoingUp provides many features for your site. From free tools, to a heat map, to referring keywords, to inbound links monitoring to traffic trends, your site will get everything it needs for SEO here and only move up the search engine ladder!

    16. WebCEO


      WebCEO is enterprise SEO at its best! Get white label reports, performance tracking, a site auditor, and more when you sign up for the multiple offerings at this service.

    17. SquirrlyWordPressPlugin

      Squirrly – WordPress Plugin

      Squirrly is the only WordPress plugin that optimizes your content for SEO in real time. Find keywords your customers use and track all aspects of content marketing.

    18. RavenSEOTools

      Raven SEO Tools

      RavenTools grants you SEO research in the simplest way possible. Dive deep into domain data, backlinks, social media management, PPC, and more than 30 other metrics to do your marketing analysis right.

    19. RioSEO

      Rio SEO

      Rio SEO’s local optimization tools help with local search exposure, mobile search targeting, and social media retargeting. The app provides local listing management, optimized landing pages, and local markup to get you up to speed on local.

    20. SERPScan

      SERP Scan

      Looking for an SEO plan that fits a variety of needs and customers? SERP Scan is the tool for you! Track your SEO rankings, find your local insight, get competitor knowledge, and much more depending on your needs. Whether you are a one man consultant or agency, you will find your customized search marketing plans here.

    21. GetListedorgMozKeywordDifficultySERPAnalysisToolOpenSiteExplorerFollowerwonkandmore


      Moz provides a range of free and paid tools for SEO needs. Get a hold of to claim listings on local directories. For help with your keyword selection or reporting, check out Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool. Determined link seekers can seek out Open Site Explorer, a trusted resource to find and compare backlinks. Followerwonk optimizes for Twitter growth success and connects influencers.

    22. gShiftLabs

      gShift Labs

      gShift gives a new meaning to SEO by offering software for both agencies and marketers. It utilizes its in-depth data to create all your SEO needs in one place, including backlink reports, keywords, international research, social signals, and Google Analytics.

    23. Boostability


      This trusted team of search marketing experts sells SEO services based on small business budget and goals. Look for local SEO, free web tools, partner initiatives, reporting, and media solutions.

    24. Scribe


      Scribe is a WordPress plugin that optimizes your content for search and helps your audience find your writing. Identify websites for guest writing, strategic partnerships, and link building.

    25. SEOpressorWPPlugin

      SEOpressor – WP Plugin

      Manage your on-page SEO, keyword analysis, and rich snippets with SEOpressor. This WordPress plugin boasts automatic smart linking and social SEO media attachments for your status updates.

    26. WebToolHub


      Find your free web tools right here at WebToolHub. This enormous range of engaging tools help developers and webmasters optimize their sites for the search engines.

    27. RankRanger


      Control your SEO campaigns at the helm of RankRanger. With this SEO platofrm, you can utilize the multi-user platform to oversee link and traffic activity, look at reputation management, daily SERP tracking, Google Analytics, and local rank tracking. The suite also offers custom reporting, a while label portal, and much more!

    28. MySEOTool

      My SEO Tool

      This SEO management software is highly extensive in giving backlinks data, analytics, PPC, rankings, and social media. Users love the simple interface yet extensive features.

    29. ZazzleTools

      Zazzle Tools

      These are custom tools built with clients in mind to help across social, SEO, and content strategy. Track links, find your position in Google SERPs, and segment low value links to delete later.

    30. UniqueSEOTools

      Unique SEO Tools

      Unique SEO Tools puts together all of your favorite tools in one place. Check any SEO factor you need, from PageRank and backlinks to keywords and sitemaps.

    31. Linkdex


      Linkdex is an SEO platform for content marketers. Optimize your content for SEO, uncover new link prospects, and organize mentions to create a powerful SEO campaign.

    32. Quantcast


      Walk inside the details of your audience demographics with Quantcast. Measure ROI, find traffic sources, get mobile data, and compare your metrics to your competitors.

    33. Compete


      Compete is another fully featured tool to measure site visitor traffic, view keywords, and export detailed reports. This platform encourages you to optimize your search marketing with your audience in mind.

    34. Cuutio


      Track your results in search engine optimization and your competitor’s advantages in Cuutio. FInd the most useful keywords, learn your SERP position, and optimize your landing pages for increased traffic.

    35. ApexPacific

      Apex Pacific

      Apex Pacific helps you analyze your website and achieve top rankings in search engines! Its individual products grant access to PPC management campaigns, link building, reporting tools, and more.

    36. SEOPowerSuite

      SEO PowerSuite

      SEO PowerSuite is composed of four important measurement tools for your SEO needs: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and LinkAssistant. More than one million businesses have utilized these features and tools to gain better rankings in Google.

    37. iBusinessPromoter

      iBusiness Promoter

      Download iBusiness Promoter to begin finding top search results and more sales for your website right away! This program offers reliable tools and top ten rankings so what do you have to lose?

    38. GoodKeywords

      Good Keywords

      The Good Keywords Software Suite provides webpage data for your keywords, competitor strategy, and more. The site also offers a large number of free tools for your site. Learn SEO knowledge with this powerful SEO bundle today.

    39. UpCity


      Upcity is a comprehensive, all-in-one application for agencies and small businesses. Get started with a free trial, or partner with UpCity for the affiliate programs and service offerings.

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    There you have it! 215 of the best low cost SEO software on the web today for your toolbox. What do you think about our Definitive SEO Software List? Tell us about your favorite tools in the comments section below.

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