HTML Cheat Sheet for SEO [Infographic]

This week, we wanted to provide a visual HTML cheat sheet for SEO.  We hope that it provides some help to the beginners, while being a nice refresher for the pros. Let us know your thoughts! (By the way, when we originally published this article, our company was named DIYSEO; we have now re-launched as UpCity and encompass all areas of inbound marketing including SEO, local, and social media marketing. If you’re interested in learning more, consider subscribing to our free daily newsletter).

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  • Kumpulan Cara

    nice shre friend. Thanks for article, we awaiting for the next post

  • Indonesian Furniture

    Thank you for this tutorial. I can use it to promote my products in google images

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  • Travis Thorpe

    Very informative information.


    Love the idea, you should have included more detail to which items are important and for what reason… and no reference to the image optimsation.

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