INFOGRAPHIC: Choosing the Best Keywords for SEO

December 16, 2010 Featured, UpCity

Ask anyone in the SEO industry how important keywords are, and you’ll get the same answer from everyone. Choosing the best keywords for your website is crucial in search engine optimization.

Keyword targeting is essential because SEO efforts can take time and energy, and you want to be sure that you’re rewarded with great search engine traffic. Therefore, it is important to find words that aren’t too competitive but provide good search traffic. The below infographic illustrates UpCity’s key tactics for keyword selection. The infographic displays the keyword selection process and uses the example of a New Orleans lawyer. When looking at the infographic, be sure to take a look at your keywords to make sure they follow these best practices. (By the way, when we originally published this article, our company was named DIYSEO; we have now re-launched as UpCity. Our new platform helps businesses with all areas of inbound marketing including SEO, local, and social media. If you’re interested in learning more, consider subscribing to our free daily newsletter.)

DIYSEO Infographic_Keywords 101_Dec2010