How to Link Your Website to Google Plus

November 25, 2013 SEO How to, Social Optimization

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Background on Linking Your Website to Google Plus

The benefits of linking your Google Plus page from your website are innumerable. Simply put, it helps you connect with customers and fans more easily.

The connection also boosts your site’s online visibility by providing the data Google needs to determine your website’s relevance to specific search queries. Your business is more likely to appear in relevant locations throughout Google searches. Furthermore, linking ensures to visitors that the page is actually run by the website owner or the associated manager of the page. You cannot link to your website without the site owner’s approval.

Once you complete this task, be sure to read our other posts related to optimizing your Google Plus presence. Learn how to claim your Google Plus custom URL and add Authorship markup to your site, which are both critical steps to ensure your Google+ page is fully optimized to improve your online visibility in Google.

Let’s get started!

UpCity Google Plus Verified Link

How to Link to Your Google Plus Page

Linking to your website from Google Plus is a very simple process. There are two ways to do it:

  1. You can add your domain to your Google Plus page.

  2. You can directly insert HTML code to your website.

Connect through Google Plus:

1. Head over to your business’s Google Plus page, and click on “About.”

About tab Google Plus

2. Scroll down to the “Links” section of the page. Click “Edit” on the bottom left-hand corner.

Edit Links in Google Plus

3. Enter your website domain in the field provided and click “Save.”

domain name in Google Plus UpCity

4. Google will send an email request to the webmaster. The owner of the site will see your email address and confirm the link in Webmaster Tools to get your website approved. If the site is approved, you should receive a verification email along with a checkmark next to your website in the “About” tab.

verified upcity website google plus

Connect through Your Website:

1. Copy and paste the below code into the <HEAD> tag of your website. Make sure your page id is typed correctly from within the code.

<a href=”{+PageId}” rel=”publisher” />

2. Follow the same process from steps one through four above. This time, Google will check to make sure you added the snippet to your website correctly.

3. If approved, you should see the checkmark appear.

Congratulations on getting your website verified with Google Plus!

Did you experience any issues with getting your website connected to Google Plus? We want to know your feedback in the comments section below.

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