How Many Pages Should My Website Be for SEO?

March 21, 2011 SEO Questions

This post is meant to be helpful for those new to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and looking to learn more about fundamental best practices that will help your Website generate more qualified traffic from search engines. (By the way, if you’re interested in improving your site’s SEO, local optimization, or social media optimization, consider using our free website grader or subscribing to our daily inbound marketing newsletter.)

The number of pages you will need for SEO depends on the number of keywords you are targeting.  Use this basic formula to estimate the number of pages you will need– (keywords you want to rank for divided by keywords you can target per page).

We have included a free Excel calculator that you can use to estimate the number of pages you should have for your website.

More keywords = more pages

Realistically, you can only target about 15-20 SEO keywords per page, (500 words per page).  Therefore, if your keyword research has uncovered 500 keywords that are highly relevant to your business, this means you will need about 25-35 pages for your website (500 keywords/20 keywords per page=25 total webpages).

However, if some of these keywords are highly competitive, you will probably need a few additional pages (because you should target fewer keywords per page for highly competitive keywords).

SEO Page Calculator:

To help you determine the number of pages your website will need we’ve included a handy Excel SEO page calculator.  Here’s an example of what the spreadsheet looks like:
How many pages should your Website have for SEO? Learn with this calculator.

Although there is no definitive answer for the number of pages a website needs for SEO, you can make an educated estimate with the DIYSEO page calculator.