SEO Powerpoint Presentations 2011 – 5 Great SEO PPT/PPTX Presentations

This post is meant to be helpful for those with an intermediate level understanding of SEO. If you have a basic understanding of how Google and other search engines rank pages and are aware of some basic SEO best practices but aren’t yet an SEO expert, we think you’ll find this post useful. You can also find DIYSEO posts classified by level of expertise on the following pages:

One challenge that’s often presented for SEOs or marketers looking to get buy in from developers, designers, or management teams to help with SEO efforts is the creation of a nice presentation that explains what SEO is and how it’s valuable. Many times SEOs and marketers are tasked with creating powerpoint decks that:

  • Explain at a very high level the basics of SEO and how search engines rank content
  • Communicate the benefits of SEO
  • Articulate what sorts of resources or help you’ll need from SEO

Depending on what sort of help you’re looking for, you might need any of a number of different types of powerpoint presentations. Here we’re including five great powerpoint presentations that you can check out to help spur some ideas on how to build a deck around any of a number of different aspects of search engine optimization.

Here Rand Fishkin from the SEO Moz team has put together a great presentation with 150 slides covering a tremendous range of topics – included are some great visualizations of different SEO concepts, as well as some nice data to help convey why SEO is important and beneficial to companies. He even gives you the go ahead to use the contents of the deck with proper attribution.

This is a nice overview from the folks at Copyblogger on keyword research – it has a look at basic concepts and why keyword research is important.

Not unlike keyword research, link building is a specific function that you might have to explain internally or get “internal buy in” to get some resources for your more creative link building ideas. This deck is a good jumping off point for explaining link building internally.

Often times getting internal buy-in to “SEO” your blog is easy enough, but updating existing product pages can be significantly more challenging. This is a nice how-to on best practices for optimizing product pages to help you convey to whomever you need to what needs to get done to make product pages more SEO friendly.

This PPT is a little more advanced, but can serve as a great overview of potential site problems – this is particularly helpful to share with your dev team to help them understand what sorts of technical issues might negatively impact SEO.

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